Bull Bull: Card Game Has a Super Novel Way to Play

Bull Bull is an exciting online card game that is becoming increasingly popular around the world. With simple rules and high payout rates, this is the perfect choice for beginners and advanced players who want to earn big bonuses.

Bull Bull Playing Strategy Helps You Always Win

Bull Bull Playing Strategy Helps You Always Win

Determine your strategy before starting

Before participating in the game, you need to clearly define your strategy. Maybe you will choose to play safer to keep the money or try your luck with a larger bet. Most importantly, do not ignore analyzing the situation and making decisions meticulously.

Emotional control

In every match, controlling your emotions is a decisive factor in your success. Keep calm and don’t let your psychology influence your decisions. If you lose, acknowledge it and learn from it to improve in the future.

Monitor game fluctuations

Carefully monitor the fluctuations of the card game to have an overview of the situation. This helps you make the right decisions and optimize your chances of winning.

Detailed Bull Bull Game Rules for Beginners

Detailed Bull Bull Game Rules for Beginners

A card game uses a deck of 52 cards and has from 2 to 8 players. The object of the game is to form 5 hands with the strongest total score possible. Below are details about the card hands in the game:

Pure Bull: These are 5 cards that do not have any pairs, trios, or other cards combined.

5 cards divided into 2 cards in hand + 3 cards on the table. This is the strongest hand in the game and it wins over all other hands.

The player will be dealt 5 cards. They can exchange up to 3 cards and will then be dealt up to 3 more cards to complete their deck. Hands will be compared by ranking from high to low. The hand with the highest ranking will win and receive a bonus.

Bull Bull online is simple

With simple rules and high payout rates, the online version is the perfect choice for beginners and experts who want to earn big bonuses. The payout ratio of the online version usually ranges from 1:1 to 30:1 depending on the bet type and winning hand. With such a high payout rate, this game offers great profit opportunities for players

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Most Popular Playing Styles

  • Play Solo: Players play against the computer, creating an opportunity to practice skills and strategies.
  • Multiplayer Play: Join many other players, and experience the thrill and competition.
  • Strongest Hand: Focus on building the strongest hand to defeat your opponents.
  • Challenge: Participate in intense battles with other players to show off your skills.

Experience Playing Bull Bull From Experts

Experience Playing Bull Bull From Experts
  1. Master the rules of the game: Understand clearly the types of hands and how to calculate points to make accurate decisions.
  2. Smart capital management: Bet sensibly to avoid falling short of capital.
  3. Practice continuously: Practice your skills by playing many games to become a master.

Master Bull Bull Game With 5 Simple Tips

  1. Determine your strategy from the beginning: Don’t let yourself get caught up in your emotions, determine your strategy and stick to it.
  2. Monitor game fluctuations: Observe to make accurate and flexible decisions.
  3. Control your emotions: Maintain your spirit while playing so you are not influenced by emotions.
  4. Learn from experience: Learn from each game to improve skills and tactics.
  5. Practice regularly: Only by continuous practice can you become a master in this game.


Above are simple instructions for playing online with useful strategies and experiences from experienced players. Hopefully PH777 will help you better understand this game and apply tips to increase your chances of winning.

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