What is Rabona? Discover divine techniques in soccer

What is Rabona? This is a technique that is no longer strange to those who are passionate and have followed football for a long time. Rabona is a method associated with scoring beautiful, unforgettable goals in soccer matches. It can be assessed that this is a “difficult to swallow” technique, not everyone is capable of performing it. Let’s find out and decode the content surrounding this topic with PH777 right away.

What is called Rabona technique?

What is called Rabona technique?

Another name for the Rabona technique is kicking the legs over each other. To master this technique, players need to cross their legs behind their supporting legs. Players need to stay steady, not tilt and put force into their crossed legs to create an accurate ball.

This technique is often present in special situations. Fans will never expect the performance, so most followers will be surprised. Therefore, these plays go hand in hand with fans’ explosive emotions in viewing registrations. However, this situation does not always happen because the implementation technique needs to be honed for a long time.

How is the Rabona technique performed?

How is the Rabona technique performed?

As mentioned above, wanting to master this technique is almost impossible. If you want to perform on the field, players need to jump gears quickly to control the situation and score decisive goals. However, it’s not impossible because you can still practice hard to develop this cross-legged Rabona technique.

Step 1: Run for a distance before performing

Running in Rabona will not be the same as running in other football techniques. Normally, people will run from afar in the direction of preparing to shoot. When you want to perform the Rabona technique, running will be done by following the dominant foot from the kicker.

Step 2: Adjust the base to the most stable position

If you are wondering what the Rabona technique is and how the supporting leg will be placed, continue reading. When you kick, your supporting foot will not be close to the ball, but on the contrary, a relative distance away from the ball. Gradually, players can cross their legs to shoot without touching the heel and avoid falling or injury.

Step 3: Choose a contact point

In this step, there are two concepts that you need to remember carefully related to the ball’s contact point.

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The contact point is located on the ball

In case you are more right-footed, the point of contact between your foot and the ball will be slightly to the left and right below the ball. Therefore, your feet will lie horizontally and contact the ball with maximum cross-section. This situation allows the performer to impact the ball with a beautiful diagonal path, creating an ideal trajectory for the ball to enter the goal.

The contact point is located on the foot

When this situation occurs, you should cleverly choose the point of contact with the ball located at the instep of the foot, or it can be understood as the point of tying shoelaces. This is the most favorable position that allows you to make a shot because Rabona’s technique is extremely accurate. It can be explained because this point will create the strongest kicking force, very likely to create legendary football plays.

Step 4: Create a kicking position

The secret to creating a great Rabona shot is that your supporting leg needs to bend your knee a little. This creates convenience for the legs to be crossed behind. From there, creating perfect tension for this shot.

Easy way to practice cross-legged kicking technique 

Easy way to practice cross-legged kicking technique 
  • To be able to create the Rabona cross-foot kicking technique, you need to pay attention to the following issues:
  • You need to practice feeling the ball well enough, control the speed when running, and be able to track the absolute right touch point. When performing a cross-legged shot, you should not do it with your non-dominant foot to avoid situations where the ball is weak or the ball goes in the wrong direction.
  • If you need to know what the Rabona technique is and how to practice it, the best way is to dribble effectively. Especially when the position is close to the other side’s goal, you need to lead skillfully so as not to be robbed of the right to dribble, and at the same time create opportunities for perfect goals.
  • You need to practice a lot of exercises for your feet or dribbling feet. Move smartly and quickly in choosing the ideal position in your field.


So the above article has answered your questions related to what Rabona is and information surrounding Rabona so you can register to play easily. Hopefully, this article will help you better understand Rabona and other outstanding football techniques on the market.

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