How to play keno – Instructions for new players

How to play keno is extremely simple for those who want to participate in this form of lucky drawing. The instructions below from Phjoy will help new players gain the most basic knowledge to start having fun trying their luck with keno. Please read the entire article.

What is Keno?

What is Keno?

Keno is also known as a form of a quick lottery with prize drawing sessions of 5, 10, and 15 minutes depending on each station. This is a convenient form of playing numbers with an attractive prize structure from lottery product suppliers on the market.

Keno has two forms of participation: players can go directly to lottery ticket agents or participate in the form of an online lottery. Keno is popular in many countries around the world and today playing keno online is quite popular.

Nowadays keno is one of the online casino games chosen by many gamers. Knowing how to play and participate in making money with this game helps you have fun and make money easily.

Details on how to play popular keno styles

Details on how to play popular keno styles

Instructions on how to play keno according to 03 popular styles available on the market are shared below:

Basic Keno style

Players participate in levels from 1 to 10 with different numbers of numbers they want to choose. The lucky number combination includes 80 numbers from 1-80. A lucky lottery ticket is a ticket with 2 pairs of numbers that match 1 of the 20 pairs of numbers in the drawing results and is considered a winner.

The bonus level is determined based on the number of levels and the amount you bet. The higher the bet amount, the greater the chance of receiving valuable prizes. Corresponding to the large prize value with the same bet level, the chance of winning is smaller.

How to play even and odd keno

You bet on even or odd tickets for the keno draw. The winning structure is quite simple: Keno divides the results of the 20 numbers in the drawing period into different sets of even and odd numbers as a basis for determining the prize.

Even/odd bets have different payout ratios with different odds of 1 to 10, and 1 to 4 according to the piles. Hands with more than 15 numbers, 13-14, and even draws 11-12 have different corresponding payout rates.

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Play keno big – small (over-under)

The way to play this keno is that the player chooses the big and small numbers in the set of lottery tickets he wants to play. The corresponding convention is that large numbers are from 41-80 and small numbers are from 1 to 40.

The bonus structure is also completely different for large or small doors. The win rate also changes with the winning number being 13 or 11 – 12, or a 10-number tie bet is also calculated according to the corresponding win rate, for example, 1 to 2.6.

Good keno playing experience

Good keno playing experience

How to play keno easily with the scoring and prize formulas mentioned above. Some good experiences in participating in keno that veteran players pass on to new players are:

Determine the level of play and the amount of money you want to win

You need to balance the amount of capital you spend and want the chance to win in the keno game. This is called a detailed calculated investment method. Secure financial resources with existing capital and profits that can be gained from lucky entertainment.

The keno game also has many levels of play and different ways to calculate bonuses in each level. Managing your capital well and participating in the right level to balance profits between draws is extremely important to affect the effectiveness of playing keno.

Playing keno requires a method

Studying the rules of the game is essential when participating in keno. In general, although keno is a game with elements of luck, it also requires certain research and calculations.

Typically, sets of numbers that come out frequently will also reappear more often. Some sets of rare numbers, also known as live numbers, are also numbers that rarely come up and should be eliminated in the game.

In short, playing keno requires careful calculation. Consider the set of playing numbers that are always carefully calculated and most beautiful so that your participation will bring in the most wins.

Control your psychology when playing Keno

The psychology of playing keno is also extremely important and something you should keep in mind. You should stay alert when playing keno with your abilities, determine the psychology of winning and losing and accept it positively, do not be greedy or fall into regrettable failure.

In addition, if you are not confident in your ability to play keno and place bets, you should also choose some forms of keno to try to practice in the game. When you are prepared with the knowledge and confidence, your keno-playing mentality will be strong and you will be full of excitement to make money with keno.

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Our sharing about how to play Keno will help many people who are interested in this game. We will continuously update playing experiences and tips. Register to join PH777 to follow and enjoy the exciting Keno game.

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