What do Real fans call? Meaning of the name Madridista

What do Real fans call that makes so many people feel interested? However, for passionate fans of the king sport, this is a very close thing. This is the phrase used to refer to loyal fans of the team from Spain. Right now, let’s learn more about the meaning of this name with PH777!

What is the most accurate name for Real fans?

What is the most accurate name for Real fans?

Real is a big team, with the most achievements in Europe. That’s why the fan base of this club is extremely large and is present in many countries around the world. Madridista is the term used to refer to passionate fans of the team from Spain. Regardless of whether you are white, black, or yellow, if you have a love for Real Madrid, you are all Madridista.

So when you are asked what Real fans are called, you can confidently answer that it is Madridista. Although it has long been used to refer to loyal fans of the White Vultures, not everyone knows about its origin. According to research, this is just a misidentification of people who love the Santiago Bernabeu team.

What is the history of creating the name Madridista?

What is the history of creating the name Madridista?

Knowing what Fan Real is called, you can explore in more detail the history of creating this famous name through each stage. In addition to the information below, please register an account to read more great articles.

The initial phase “Merengue”

“Merengue” is the name originally used to refer to loyal Real Madrid fans. This word, when translated into Spanish, brings the meaning of a traditional cake of the people here. The main ingredients to make this type of cake are sugar combined with egg whites. It is the club’s signature white shirt color that makes the name “Merengue” special.

Where did the name “Vikingos” come from?

Real Madrid has also experienced many ups and downs in its development process. The most memorable of which was the period when the club was banned from transferring players from several countries. At that time, the White Vultures had to recruit strikers from Northern Europe and Northern Germany to increase their force. It was not until 1970 that the penalty was completely abolished.

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That’s why the birth of the name Vikingos is an irony and reminder of this period. During this period, Real owned typical names in the squad such as Breiter, Netzer, Stielike, and Jensen. Even though they started as indigenous people, they have devoted themselves to the colors of the Santiago Bernabeu team, so they are worthy of recognition.

What are Real fans called and the origin of the name Madridista

As mentioned, it is currently unknown where the exact origin of Madridista came from. However, for a long time, White Vulture fans have implicitly understood this phrase among themselves. According to research, around the 1990s, this name appeared next to the excellent achievements the club achieved in the arenas.

This is also the period when the number of Real Madrid fans is constantly increasing. They love the playing style and style of the Santiago Bernabeu team and consider themselves a genuine “Madridista”. Since then, this nickname has become better known and has become a very unique brand to refer to the White Vulture. The club has even registered to become the team’s copyright.

Meaning of “Madridista”

Meaning of “Madridista”

“Madridista” was created from the meaning of “Madrid” – the name of the Spanish city where Read’s stadium is located. Meanwhile, the suffix “ista” – means support and pursuit of the team. That’s why this phrase is used to refer to loyal fans of the White Vulture. They always show their burning love and attachment to the club through ups and downs.

Recognition points of Real Madrid Fans

  • Not only do you learn what Fan Real is called, but you also learn the basic characteristics of this department. That is:
  • As fans who always cheer civilly, in every situation, play is very fair.
  • With love, they have created a team of enthusiastic fans, without extreme attitudes.
  • Real Madrid fans are a large community in many countries around the world and come from many ages and professions.


The content of the above article has helped readers answer questions about what Fan Real is called and related information. Accordingly, the name Madridista has been used by fans for a long time to express their passionate love for this club. Real Madrid fans regardless of nationality, race, or gender, will always have absolute faith in the team.

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