What is Tifosi and how does it impact football?

What is Tifosi? is one of the common questions asked by most Italian football fans and even world fans. To answer the above question, let’s learn with PH777 the basic concepts of this term through the article below.

Why does the question “What is Tifosi” appear so often in Italy?

Why does the question "What is Tifosi" appear so often in Italy?

Football fans in Italy who support and love the national football team will be called by the main phrase Tifoso. This term is translated as smoke in ancient Greek dictionaries. In addition, it also has another meaning: a strange disease that affects the nerves and can cause addiction and spread widely.

The act of screaming is also one of its meanings in Italian, and it is extremely accurate when used to describe a fan’s feelings towards their favorite team. Because it is used in an Italian sense, this word is used to refer to enthusiastic fans of Italy.

And so, the question of what Tifosi is is explained as a community of fans who easily lose their composure and are overly excited. They use every means to protect their favorite team, including using violence or other acts of violence. dangerous movement. They have no concept of playing nice with teams that have affected their favorite team.

The original origin of the word Tifosi

After answering the question of what Tifosi is, everyone often researches the origin of the phrase Tifosi. In 1920, with its strength, the Italian national football team continuously won major matches and brought the country national pride. Therefore, their fans thought that their home team was invincible.

Tifosi was defined as all Italian football fans in this early stage, but it was not yet popular and they were not yet accepting of the name. Because this phrase is used for fans who often have animosity and quarrel with other groups of fans.

Two opposing forms of Tifosi

Two opposing forms of Tifosi

What is Tifosi? becomes a sensitive question for those who support the Italian national football team. This phrase gradually became popular and spread strongly. However, not most Tifosi people are rude and rude, but there are still groups of people who like to use violence to show their admiration for their team. The following are aspects of the fan community.

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Tifosi’s specialties for the Italian football team

This community is not wrong when it comes to showing love, admiration, and support for their national football team. In England, we can see images of fans expressing their love or affection for their favorite team romantically, while in Germany will be a way to express their love for their team. They are very popular. And Tifosi is no exception, learning to express emotions intensely.

Fans named Tifosi will always support their national team in extremely impressive ways, including withdrawing their own money to support them. Religion is another way that some Tifosi people worship to express their love for the team. Even if their team fails or what happens, they do not leave and continue to support the team.

Negative aspects of Italian football fans

Negative aspects of Italian football fans
  • Middle age is often the age of enthusiastic fans in the Tifosi community. This is an age that is greatly rejuvenated through later generations, so it is very easily provoked and provoked by negative thoughts. These enthusiastic fans often use weapons, not only gasoline bombs but also homemade nail bombs to increase damage when used. Here are some statistics:
  • 298 is the number of fights that occurred in Italy during the same football season between fans and security police.
  • The number of fans in Italy classified as extremely dangerous faceless is 1,400 and this number is banned by the police force from participating in cheering football matches.
  • In Italy, there are currently about 6,000 enthusiastic fans who need attention.


Through the research in the above article, we have answered the question of what is Tifosi. Thereby, we hope that readers will accumulate the correct knowledge and have a more objective view of this term.

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