What is Roulette? Experience of Playing to Become a Master

What is Roulette? What are the basic rules of the game that newbies need to understand before experiencing it? What is the preferred form of betting for many bettors? How does playing experience help newbies win more easily? All your concerns will quickly be answered by 77JL to start your journey to conquer the house!

What is Roulette?

What is Roulette?

Roulette in French is understood as “small wheel”, a familiar Casino game, and receives attention from a large community of gamers in both traditional and online forms. According to the name, it is not difficult to recognize the supporting tools that make this game great.

To quickly find the winner and receive the nine green prizes, the house will control the spin so that the number wheel operates in a certain direction. Then a ball will be placed in the opposite direction. At the end of the rotation, which box the ball stops in will show the result of the game.

So you understand what Roulette is, a question asked by many new members. The game originated in France in the 18th century. In the 19th century, the game quickly appeared in many countries in Europe and America.

By 1970, Roulette was extremely popular in the market and favored by many people as an attractive form of entertainment. Gradually, following the development of science and technology, the game was officially available at reputable bookmakers in the form of online in 2008.

Roulette rules for new members

Roulette rules for new members
  • When participating in this quality game, you need to clearly understand the rules of the game to be more confident when predicting and flexibly apply strategies to successfully conquer the house. Here are the rules to help bettors feel secure in placing money to experience:
  • The European Roulette wheel has 37 numbers colored red-black, and 0 colored green.
  • To bring transparent battles to the entire game, the numbers are randomly arranged on the table, not following any rules.
  • A table usually uses the same model for all bookmakers, specifically including 7 inside bets – and 5 outside bets.

What is the betting form of a Roulette game?

  • Many people are interested in the form of participating in Roulette, which helps improve your chances of winning prizes. Each type will offer different winning rates for bettors to choose from. The following will share the basic types that receive priority from the reward exchange enthusiast community:
  • Bet on 1 number: Members will deposit money on a specific number from 0 – 36, so the odds of winning are 1/36.
  • Bet on 2 numbers: Participants will choose two numbers separated from each other on the wheel, the odds of receiving a reward in this form are 1/17.
  • Bet on 3 numbers: The player will bet money on any horizontal row, the chance of winning is higher when there is 1/11.
  • Bet on 4 numbers: This form of Roulette bet has members deposit money into a block with 4 numbers forming a corner, the player’s winning rate is 1/8.
  • Bet on 6 numbers: Gamer will evaluate and then invest money in two adjacent rows of six numbers, at this time your winning rate reaches 1/5.
  • Bet on 12 numbers: The player bets money on one of three corresponding rows of 12 numbers/vertical row, the winning rate is determined by 1/2.
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What is the strategy for playing Roulette to quickly become a master?

What is the strategy for playing Roulette to quickly become a master?
  • The chances of winning this game are not complicated, but members need to firmly grasp the strategies and betting tips to improve their chances for each game. Many newbies always wonder what strategy a master has when participating in Roulette and which game they play to win. Here are a few tips accumulated over many newbie matches that should be memorized:
  • Kavouras strategy: Simple and suitable for many audiences, members will place 20 random numbers on the table and then choose forms with the same capital level.
  • Divide the capital into 3 equal parts and place them at the ratio of 1/3 and 2/3.
  • The strategy needs to keep the capital intact and deposit money for the next game.
  • Hollandish strategy: Bettors need to determine in advance the amount of money they want to bet, then divide their capital into 3 different rounds.
  • Martingale strategy: Members double their capital after each losing game. To be successful, they need to know how to calculate and determine their capital.
  • Paroli strategy: Players keep their capital unchanged and will receive rewards when they win.
  • D’Alembert strategy: The player will keep his investment capital for the game after winning if he loses +1 unit.


The above content has helped newbies answer what Roulette is, and understand clearly the rules of participation and the deposit method chosen by many people. At the same time, share experiences to help conquer reputable bookmakers. With carefully researched information from the experts mentioned above, it will help you receive extremely valuable rewards.

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