Top 10 Richest Players in the World Up to the Present Time

Top 10 richest players in the world is a question that many people interested in the sport of King are looking for. Especially on this list, there are many famous players, famous for their talent and technique. Who are these outstanding names? We invite you to read the article with PH777 to clarify the question that many people are searching for.

Faiq Bolkiah player from Southeast Asia ($20 billion)

Faiq Bolkiah player from Southeast Asia ($20 billion)

Faiq Bolkiah is the first name we want to mention in the list of the top 10 richest players in the world. He is currently the captain of the Brunei national team and is also the son of Prince Jefri Bolkiah, who holds power in this country.

With a great family background, the player also owns a huge fortune that many people dream of. According to statistics, Faiq Bolkiah has a net worth of up to 20 billion USD, an unbelievable number for a young player.

Mathieu Flamini is in the top 10 richest players in the world

Mathieu Pierre Flamini, former Arsenal and Crystal Palace player, is currently an excellent businessman. That is also the reason why he became one of the super-rich football players. According to statistics, his net worth is up to 10 billion dollars.

Mathieu Flamini is the co-founder of the GF Biochemicals brand. One of the leading companies in levulinic acid and derivatives in the world.

Top 10 richest players in the world superstar Cristiano Ronaldo (650 million USD)

Top 10 richest players in the world superstar Cristiano Ronaldo (650 million USD)

Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is the second name on this list. He has long been famous and is listed among the super-rich in football with extremely huge assets. There are many real estate properties as well as expensive supercars that anyone must dream of.

According to experts, CR7’s net worth has exceeded $650 million by 2021 and now this number is much bigger. Besides football, he also has his own company and many valuable advertising contracts. Not only famous for his wealth, he is also highly appreciated for his skills. He registered and participated in many major football tournaments around the world and achieved high results.

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Top 3 – Superstar Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi, Argentina’s super player, certainly cannot be left out of this list. With his talent, he has accumulated an extremely admirable fortune thanks to football. Among the top 10 richest players in the world with a net worth of 600 million USD.

This superstar also owns many football contracts with big brands worth millions of dollars. His recent 8th Golden Ball helped him create a record that will probably take a long time for someone to break.

Superstar David Beckham

Famous British player with outstanding talent and appearance David Beckham is also in the top 10 richest players in the world. Having played for top clubs like MU and Real Madrid… he is currently the president of the Miami youth club in the US, where Messi is playing.

According to statistics, the net worth of this player is 400 million dollars. This number could be much larger than what we have calculated.

Dave Whelan is a former English football player

The next name on the list of the top 10 richest players in the world is Dave Whelan. The former English footballer made his reputation at many famous clubs around the world. During his career, this former famous player has also accumulated an extremely valuable asset value for himself.

According to Forbes magazine, Whelan held assets of about $220 million in 1975.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a superstar from Sweden

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a superstar from Sweden

When talking about the top 10 richest players in the world, we cannot help but mention Zlatan Ibrahimovic. A player who is quite different from the rest with his talent as well as the arrogance of a genius.

According to Forbes, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is currently a player with a net worth of up to 190 million USD. It is increasing as he still has his lucrative advertising contracts.

Outstanding Brazilian player Neymar

Neymar is also a famous name among football players. He affirmed himself with his talent with excellent passes, especially top skills. Thanks to playing football at big clubs, this superstar’s current wealth is also a huge number.

As of now, Neymar has a net worth of 185 million USD. Including million-dollar advertising contracts with brands: Mastercard, Electronic Arts, Gillette, Nike, and even McDonald’s…

Wayne Rooney is in the top 10 richest players in the world

After 19 years of hard work in English prodigy tournaments, Rooney has retired and is currently taking on a new position as coach. He is also one of the players who owns a large fortune of about 165 million dollars after his years of professional football. Currently, MU’s hero is still doing very well in his new role, which is to guide the next generations.

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Alien Ronaldo de Lima

Alien Ronaldo de Lima

The owner of Ballon d’Or in 1997 and 2002, he was also the best player in the world during his time. Ronaldo de Lima made the audience fall in love with the balls he created. Of course, for such an excellent player, the amount of money he earns is not small.

According to Goal statistics, Ronaldo de Lima has a net worth of about 160 million USD. Including many supercars and luxurious real estate in many parts of the world.


Above is a detailed and complete list of the top 10 richest players in the world. Hopefully, it provides you with important information about your idol in the King sport. Follow our other articles to gain new and interesting knowledge.

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